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General Qualifications

At Envirotech Consultants, Inc., our work is guided and governed by our ecological philosophy. We believe in the preservation of whole and healthy ecosystems, the rehabilitation of compromised ecosystems, and the restoration of our natural heritage. Our approach is comprehensive, holistic, and ambitious while our methods are pragmatic, responsible and sound.

As ecologists, engineers, and restoration scientists, we believe our role is to orchestrate the restoration process and to allow nature to perform the task at hand. This approach helps to ensure the proper evolution of natural systems and avoids the artificial creation of unbalanced environments. Each potential project is evaluated for its unique conditions and challenges. From the small to the large-scale project, from the prairie restoration to the educational garden, every project receives comprehensive treatment. We believe a successful project begins with a thorough inventory and analysis followed by several stages of conceptualization. Once carefully crafted plans are in place, we follow the project through the critical stages of implementation to long-term monitoring and maintenance. We also will accommodate the special needs of a project. Whether it requires grant writing to secure the funding or the development of compatible passive recreational opportunities, our breadth of skills and resources are suited to the challenges of your project.

We offer a variety of services to our clients from ecological assessments and preliminary site investigations to permitting services and ecosystem design. We also provide services to aid in the full utilization of environmental and natural resources present at a site. We are familiar with the usage of OEPA methodology for evaluating both streams and wetlands and in determining potential impacts to habitat. Envirotech has extensive experience in wetland delineation and permitting, including the preparation of mitigation plans and alternative and anti-degradation analyses. We also have considerable experience in ecosystem design, including wetland design and restoration, stream restoration and stormwater filtration.

We also have our own nursery located in Somerset, Ohio that supplies container and bare root plant material for habitat restoration. We grow aquatic plants and ,prairie grasses and forbs, and our collection is constantly expanding. All of our plants are native to the Midwest. We carefully select the seed source, grow the materials under optimal conditions and deliver the plants directly to your project site.